Jamarang Biskit Brogan CDX RAE JD ET

Biskit has packed a lot into his life already and he is only 3. He was the 9th of 9 puppies born to Jamarang Kandy Kreek in October 2009. In typical Biskit fashion he arrived when he was ready a full 2 hours after the other puppies. At the tender age of 8 weeks of age he left Angie and went to live at his forever home with Adrian and Rana, you could be forgiven for thinking he was a cloud because he was so fluffy.

Biskit soon started to take the competition Obedience world by storm racking up 3 titles at just one year of age which included CCD, CD and CDX. Currently he competes at UD level. Biskit was also only the second Golden retriever in Victoria to get the Rally title RAE and there have only been 2 since, one of which was his brother Colby who is named after Biskitís favourite cheese. Biss also completed his Endurance Test (ET) and has a passion for agility and by passion I mean he is a complete lunatic in the ring with one judge describing him as a force of nature not unlike a tornado. That being said he has got a Novice Jumping title which included a few first place finishes and Adrian and Rana are working on getting that control because he shows real promise as an agility dog.

Probably Biskitís greatest achievements to date include winning the Golden Retriever Club of Victoriaís Obedience Dog of the year for 2012 and this year Biskit came 3rd in the Victorian Top Obedience Dog of the year 2013.
Outside of the ring Biskit is an eager philanthropist and donates all his consumable prizes to Golden Retriever rescue which he is a big supporter of. His other hobbies include wrestling and head eating with his brother, watching nature programs on t.v. as well as snuggling on the couch with Mum and Dad.



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